WWW: Teaching about Haiti with Love

¡Feliz viernes a todos!

I am so happy you are reading today because I am showcasing a great resource from Teaching for Change, which is another blogging site full of great teaching guides and supporting resources for the classroom. This week, to honor our themes of Afro-Caribbean cultures, Black History Month, Haiti, love and community, I am highlighting their resource for Teaching about Haiti. Because of all the supporting documents available through the page, this resource makes including Haiti in classroom discussion even easier! According to Teaching for Change, “It is important for students to gain a deeper understanding of the history and the roots of…Haiti. The U.S has been involved with Haiti for centuries, yet it has received little attention in textbooks or the curriculum. Part of our commitment to the people of Haiti can be to not only increase our support but also our awareness. As informed citizens, we can advocate for respectful and constructive relations with Haiti in the months and years ahead.”

This resource highlights some great articles, like Aristide’s own publication entitled Globalization: A View From Below; and Economic Justice in Haiti Requires Debt Restitution, which go well with the video I featured in my WWW post about reparations from February 5th. There’s an in-class role playing exercise, suggested films, books, and even a printable booklet that covers a brief history of Haiti! We hope that checking out this resource, along with the many others we have featured this month, will help bring Haiti into classroom discussions far beyond Black History Month!

As always, thank you for joining me this week! I’ll be back again March 3rd!

With warmest wishes,


Vamos a Leer | Teaching About Haiti with Love

Image: Photo of beach on Ile-a-Vache. Reprinted from Charla Henley under CC ©.


3 thoughts on “WWW: Teaching about Haiti with Love

  1. Thanks, Charla, for this wonderful resource. Teaching for Change does amazing work. I wake up to social justice and social consciousness raising materials/thoughts from them everyday because I follow on FB. For reals.

    And in my other random time online, I just saw this fitting article from The Guardian on how France should repay Haiti the money that the island country paid after independence: http://www.theguardian.com/world/2010/aug/15/france-haiti-independence-debt

    • Thanks for your comment Keira! 🙂 I’m glad you enjoyed the resource and I love that article. Very interesting. I may add it as an additional resource to my Reparations post! 🙂

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