Art and Activism

Teaching About Art and Activism

Teaching about activism through art is one of the themes to which we return frequently on Vamos a Leer. We’ve written numerous posts on lesson plans, fiction and non-fiction books, and other online resources that will help teachers explore this topic with their students.

Vamos a Leer | Art and Activism

In addition to what we’ve shared on the blog, our office (the UNM Latin American & Iberian Institute, or LAII) has developed extensive curriculum materials to support teaching about the intersection of art and activism, and how students can be empowered using art in the classroom. In particular, we’ve developed the following art-based resources. To learn more about these materials, visit the LAII website or click on the individual lesson plans below.

In the Wake of Juárez: Teaching Politics through Art


Stitching Resistance: Chilean Arpilleras

Maskmaking, Art, and Culture: Lesson Plans Inspired by Felipe Horta