Join us! LAII K-12 Afro-Latinidad Workshop Series

Join the LAII for the first installment in the Institute’s first-ever teacher workshop series on Afro-Latinidad! Throughout the series, we’ll discuss a variety of Afro-Latinx cultures across Latin America, a range of spiritual and cultural Afro-Latinx traditions, and a diverse selection of historical Afro-Latinx figures.

We’ll spend our first workshop discussing resources for curriculum about the Afro-Latinx traditions of Bomba (Puerto Rico), Santeria (Cuba), and Carnaval (Brazil). Lessons will include reading, video, music, and podcast components and will include content in both English and Spanish. Participants will receive certificates of professional development and curriculum resources.

Register for tomorrow’s workshop at:

All three workshops will complement one another but can also stand alone so please join us for as many as you can!

Workshop Schedule:

Afro-Latinx Cultural Traditions
Friday, October 23 • 3:30 PM
Register at:

Significant Afro-Latinx Figures
Friday, December 4 • 3:30 PM
Register at:

Zooming in on Afro-Latinx Culture in Mexico
Friday, February 5 • 3:30 PM
Register at:

For more information or questions, contact us at


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