WWW: Book Trailers for Latino Children’s Literature

Hello, all,

This week I’m highlighting a feature that’s emerged in the era of online books and accompanying digital promotional campaigns: book trailers.

Book trailers, in case you haven’t heard of them, are video trailers for books.  Pretty simple.  They are videos meant to help potential readers become engaged and get excited. Book trailers are interesting in both a before and after sense.  Before a reader ever picks up a book, the trailer may provide the impetus for him or her to actually open the cover and flip through the pages.   After a reader has finished a book, the book trailer concept allows him or her another avenue to express and react – many book trailers come not from the big publisher behind the book, but rather from individual readers who post a video on a community video service like YouTube.

Below is an example of a book trailer.  It’s designed for the children’s book Waiting for the Biblioburro written by Américas Award-winning author Monica Brown.

And if that’s whetted your appetite, then you should wander over to the Latinas 4 Latino Literature blog, where they’ve developed a YouTube channel devoted to Children’s Literature Videos.  They’ve only got four, but I’m sure they’ll continue adding.  A few suggestions I’d give them to add to the list include:

The list could continue for a loooong while.  Let us know if you find any that really knock your socks off!



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