Bookcase of Young Adult Literature

Check out all of the books we’ve added to the Vamos a Leer book collection of young adult literature!  Below you will only see a few rows of books at a time.  You can click on the arrows to scroll through all of the books, or click here to be taken to our entire bookcase, or click on the Shelfari button (bottom, middle) to be taken to our Shelfari profile.  Click any book cover for more information and to see what other Shelfari readers are saying about the book!

Remember, this book case now only contains our recommendations for young adult literature related to Latin America.  For recommendations about books for younger children, visit the Vamos a Leer Bookcase of Children’s Literature.

11 thoughts on “Bookcase of Young Adult Literature

    • So glad you liked it! You’ve got some great posts on your blog too–there aren’t always a large number of resources out there on Latin American Literature, especially for YAs. I’ll definitely be adding your site to our list of blogs we like, so hopefully our teacher readers can see what you have to say. I love your “Celebrating Hispanic Authors” posts. Will definitely be encouraging our teachers to check them out!

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    • Thanks! We hoped it would be helpful to have one resource that linked to the multiple young adult books with Latin American themes available.You’re right, Esperanza Rising is an excellent book. I’m going to double check and make sure that it’s on our ‘shelf’. Thanks for the link to the interview too–I always think those are a great resource to use in the classroom.

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