November 25th | Week in Review


¡Hola a todos! I want to wish you a very peaceful, joyful, gratitude-filled, and unforgettable Thanksgiving break. As you recover from the revelry, I hope you enjoy our review for this week.

– Our friends at We Need Diverse Books shared 50 Mighty Girl Books Celebrating Diversity and Acceptance. I personally love the book The Colors of Us.

– Our Anansesem friends shared What’s Important to Us? The Value of Books, Libraries and Kid Lit in Caribbean Societies. “When we read picture books in particular, we enhance children’s visual literacy and teach them about the power of the image to render the visible world.”

Latinx in Kid Lit expressed their thoughts on Good Men & Bad Men: On Latino Masculinities in Joe Jiménez’s Bloodline. Sonia expresses “Bloodline by Joe Jiménez is an excellent example of the impact these polarizing views of Latino masculinity can have in the lives of Latino boys and young adults.”

– Lastly, from Multicultural Children’s Book Day, we found 10 Interesting Facts About the Mapuche People that can be shared with your classroom. “They were located between the Valley of Aconcagua to the Island of Chiloé in southern Chile, and in Argentina, in the region of Neuquén and the Patagonia.”

Alin Badillo

Image: Cartoon Books. Reprinted from Flickr user La Prehistoria en E.I under CC©.


Reading Challenges for 2014

It’s that time of year again! January is when so many amazing new book and reading challenges begin.  This year we’ve decided to participate in two different reading challenges that we’re really excited about. These are two of our favorite blogs. They both offer amazing reviews and resources for great literature.  You should definitely check them out if you’re not already familiar with them.

Gathering Books Check Off Your Reading List Challenge 2014

COYRL 2014_2

Our goal with this challenge is reach the level of Book Savant, which is 11-25 books read from Jan. 2014 — Dec. 2014. We think this should absolutely be attainable with all of the reading we do here on the blog.

Latin@s in Kids Lit


We couldn’t agree more with what Latin@s in Kid Lit wrote on their blog.  We’d also like to see “more Latin@ children’s literature on bookshelves and in libraries and classrooms, more titles by and for Latin@s on year-end “Best of” lists and best-seller lists, more people buying, reading, and writing about Latin@ children’s literature.”  We can’t wait to participate in this challenge and see all the great books other participants are reading.

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