¡Mira, Look!: Day of the Dead

day of the deadIt’s that time of year again! El Día de los Muertos is quickly approaching. Since this is a tradition that some of our students observe, we are showcasing a work this week that explains this tradition, especially in a way that will attract the attention of our younger students. This week we will be discussing Tony Johnston’s Day of the Dead.

Johnston’s work is a pictorial book that is most suited for children in kindergarten through the third grade. He uses colorful illustrations as well as short, simple sentences that young readers can follow. At the very least, the text is so simple and conversational that it makes for a good read along book. The voice of the book is one that will sit well with young readers because it is not condescending; it is informational. While the book is not bilingual, Johnston infuses the text with Spanish words that are important to the celebration. Continue reading