WWW: Teaching Climate Change through Story

cotopaxiA grasp of “place,” in my experience, is important for appreciating the impacts of climate change. When I was studying in Quito, Ecuador, I would occasionally catch a glimpse to the south of the incredible ice cone of the Andean stratovolcano, Cotopaxi. Quiteños would tell me that the ice was visibly receding every year; that when they were children, Cotopaxi looked very different. Climate change became real to me when I saw that it was rapidly transforming the ancient and resolute Andes. Continue reading

¡Mira Look!: A Few of the Many Glorious Poetry Books

Flickr Creative CommonsFlickr user Marie Hale

Flickr Creative Commons
Flickr user Marie Hale

Let me tell you great readers just how many poetry books there are in the great library in the sky: a Capybara’s worth. There are so many in fact, that it would be impossible to highlight even the top 25 very best in the time allotted for our poetry books. With that being said, I’m going to give you a quick review of a few this week and a few next week to help you on your Vamos a Leer inspired poetry journey. Continue reading

¡Mira Look!: Singing Oranges and Lemons

singing oranges¡Today’s Mira Look! kicks off our National Poetry Month posts with an exquisite stroke of paint and prose. Cantando Naranjas y Limones (Singing Oranges and Lemons) written by María Nieves de Abajo Bajo and illustrated by Azita Golarai is, to put it simply, magical, vibrant, soft and picturesque. Continue reading