En la Clase: Top Multicultural Awards for Children’s and YA Lit

Vamos a Leer | Top Multicultural Awards for Children's and YA LiteratureIn the same spirit that we offered you our list of 10 Go-To Places for Quality Multicultural Resources, we’d also like to share with our list of top multicultural awards for children’s and YA literature. While Vamos a Leer is specifically focused on Latino literature, that’s just one piece of what should be represented in our classrooms.  Below you’ll find links to book award sites that recognizes quality literature that goes beyond Latin America and the Latin@ experience. Again, know that this list only touches on some of the great awards that are out there. For a more comprehensive list of awards, including many which promote social justice and civil rights across cultures, see the CCBC website.



Children’s Africana Book Awards (CABA)

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En la Clase: 10 Go-To Places for Quality Multicultural Resources

2015-08-14We talk about blogs, webpages and other sites for quality resources throughout the year, but I thought it may be helpful to have all of those resources in one place, like a cheat sheet of links to resources that we consult ourselves.  In no way does the list below encompass all of the great resources out there.  This is just meant as a starting place.  For a longer list check out our tab “Sites We Like.” If you think we’ve missed any, please let us know in the comments and we’ll get them added!

  1. De Colores: The Raza Experience in Books for Children
    This is usually my first stop for critical, high-quality reviews of children’s and YA Latino Literature.
  2. American Indians in Children’s Literature
    When it comes to reviews of Native American Literature or representations of Native Americans in literature, Debbie Reese’s blog is the best out there.
  3. Lee & Low Books Blog: Open Book
    Lee & Low Books is one of our favorite publishers.  They are wonderful advocates for diverse literature and they offer great teaching resources through their blog.
  4. Rethinking Schools website and blog
    It’s no secret that we love the work that Rethinking Schools does.  Their teaching materials are amazing!
  5. Teaching Tolerance
    Another wonderful place to go for excellent resources and lesson plans–all free!
  6. We Need Diverse Books
    We love the mission of We Need Diverse Books.  In just two short years, they have built a site with great resources for teachers and have really succeeded in spreading the word on the need for diverse literature.
  7. Zinn Education Project
    The Zinn Education Project offers great tools for critical and complex approaches to teaching.
  8. Teaching for Change
    All of the materials by Teaching for Change focus on social justice in the classroom – a message near and dear to our hearts!
  9. Cooperative Children’s Book Center
    The CCBC does amazing work promoting, analyzing, and discussing multicultural literature for children and young adults. Although it’s no longer an ongoing effort, the CCBC Listserv is a particular gem. We recommend checking out the archives to listen in on conversations among authors, publishers, teachers, and librarians.
  10. Bookjoy
    Run by one of our favorite authors, Pat Mora, this site focuses on creativity and the love of reading alongside multicultural literature.

We hope you find this useful.  If you have any other suggestions, let us know! We’d love to hear them.