En la Clase: “Literature for Young Bilingual Readers”

Many of our recent posts have mentioned the conversations around the lack of literature by and about Latinos being used in our classrooms.  But, as many of you already know, and have shared with us, there also seems to be a lack of quality literature in Spanish–a problem that is related to many of the same issues connected to the lack of literature about Latinos being taught in schools. I recently came across an article that addressed this very topic in the winter issue of Rethinking Schools Magazine–“Literature for Young Bilingual Readers” by Grace Cornell Gonzales. Click here to access the article.

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En la Clase: Bilingual Resources for Teaching about Winter Celebrations

One of the questions we receive most often from the educators we work with and our blog readers is what recommendations we have for good bilingual classroom resources, mainly books.  While doing research for some other posts, I came across a number of great bilingual resources perfect for teaching about winter celebrations.  If you didn’t get a chance to read last week’s post on why I liked to teach about winter celebrations and how I implemented it, you may want to check that out here.  Ailesha also put together two great posts full of resources for teaching about Las Posadas, a number of which are bilingual.  Read about online resources here and books here.

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