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We’ve got lots of different resources here on the blog.  If you’re just interested in browsing around—go right ahead! If you’re looking for something specific, the information below should help. The following describes what you’ll find by clicking on various tabs.

About Us:
General information on who we are with specifics about the Vamos a Leer Albuquerque book group and the purpose of this blog.

Américas Award:
In choosing books for Vamos a Leer we follow very closely the criteria of the Américas Award.  So, it’s not surprising that many of the books we highlight here have been honored as recipients of the award.  On this page we’ve compiled all of the titles of Américas Award winners and honorees along with links to any resources related to a specific title—including lesson plans and author interviews.

Our Bookcases:
Using Shelfari we’ve compiled our own virtual bookcases.  They’re full of all the books selected for our Vamos a Leer book group, along with all the others we’d love to use, but just don’t have enough time to read.  Browse our bookcases to get ideas for your own classrooms—you can click on a cover to be taken to a page with more information and reader reviews of the book!

Educator’s Guides
Here you will find lesson plans that accompany the books featured in our monthly book group. Each book is chosen because it engages in some way with Latin America, the Caribbean, or Latinos in the United States. Each Educator’s Guide includes background on the author and book, thematic lessons and activities, and resources to support or extend the use of the book in the classroom.  The lesson plans and activities encourage the teaching of literacy through the content areas and are linked to the Common Core Standards used in New Mexico. A new Educator’s Guide is posted each month during the academic year.

Check here for a listing of our local Albuquerque events and book group meetings.

Main Page:

Along the right side of our main page, we’ve got lots of helpful information including links to:

  • Recent posts and our categorized posts.  We typically post in four main categories (1) ¡Mira, Look!—information on new or unique resources; (2) En la Clase—ideas, activities or reflections for classroom practice; (3) Book Reviews—reviews of our monthly book group title and other award winning titles; (4) Our Next Good Read—announcement of the upcoming book for our book group
  • Author’s Homepages
  • Blogs We Like
  • Useful Websites
  • Word Cloud of Tags—if you’re looking for a specific theme or subject, this is where you want to come!

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