Books by Country & Theme

In addition to the comprehensive bibliographies of children’s and young adult literature, we have also compiled the additional resources: books by country and by theme.

Books by Country

We thought it would be useful to show readers where books take place throughout the Americas, and so the following map was born. In the process we learned that mapping literature can be difficult given that settings are often vague, referring to a region rather than a country (as in the Caribbean); protagonists travel, especially with books related to immigration; and not infrequently, the location only loosely evokes a place and is, in fact, wholly fictional.

Thus we offer the following resource as a map of selective titles for children’s and young adult literature related to Latin America. Preview the map below or click into it to navigate with more detail.

 Books by Theme

We are in the midst of compiling thematic guides to children’s and young adult literature.  The first of our guides are below. Check back with us to see more!

10 Bilingual Children’s Books About Immigration

Vamos a Leer | Reading Roundup: 10 Children's Books About Immigration

10 Children’s Books About Día de los Muertos

Vamos a Leer | Día de los Muertos Reading Roundup

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