Guía del educador: El árbol de la rendición

¡Saludos a todo/as!

The-Surrender-TreeEspero y estén muy bien. Estoy muy emocionada por presentarles la guía del educador en español de esta semana. El libro se llama El árbol de la rendición por Margarita Engle. Pueden encontrar el guía en la página principal de Educator’s Guides, pero el link directo a la página en español también está disponible aquí. Recuerden que las guías del educador también están disponibles en PDF en la misma página, y obviamente en los dos idiomas.

Ojalá disfruten de este libro y del guía!

Hello everyone!
I hope you are all doing well. I am excited to present this week’s Spanish-language Educator’s Guide for the week. The book is called The Surrender Tree/El árbol de la rendición by Margarita Engle. You can find the Spanish-language guide in the Educator’s Guide main page, but the direct link to the Spanish page is also available here. Remember that the guides are also available in PDF form on the same page, and obviously are available in both languages.

I hope you enjoy this book and its guides!

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Guía del educador: El soñador

¡Saludos a todos! Estoy muy emocionada por tener la oportunidad de trabajar para ustedes este año. Para aquellos que no me conocen, me llamo Valeria y trabajo para el Institutio Latinoamericano e Ibérico (LAII) en la Universidad de Nuevo México. Este año me voy a enfocar en las traducciones de los Guías del educador (Educator’s Guides) para algunos de los libros bilingües más solicitados por ustedes. El propósito de mi participación en este blog es facilitar el uso de estos libros en el salón de clase, ¡y espero que las traducciones les sean útiles!

El-SonadorEsta semana, les presento la Guía del educador para el libro El soñador por Pam Muñoz Ryan. Pueden encontrar esta guía en la página Educator’s Guides junto con la versión en inglés. Sin embargo, el link directo está aquí.

Ojalá les guste esta guía, y busquen mi próximo mensaje que anunciará la próxima traducción!


Hello everyone! I am very excited for the opportunity to work for you this year. For those of you who don’t already know me, my name is Valeria and I work with the LAII at the University of New Mexico. This year I am focusing on translating some of the most requested Educator’s Guides into Spanish. The purpose of my participation in this blog is to facilitate the use of these books in the classroom, and I hope these translations are helpful to you!

This week, I present the Educator’s Guide for The Dreamer/El soñador by Pam Muñoz Ryan. You can find access to the Spanish-language version of both the page and the PDF of the Educator’s Guide in the Educator’s Guides page. The direct link to the page for El soñador can also be found here.

I hope you like and benefit from this translation, and keep an eye out for my next blog post announcing the latest translation!

Con cariño,



Welcoming New Writers: Valeria García

13522698_10208626697256358_5020862736627394617_o¡Saludos, y mucho gusto!

My name is Valeria and I am so excited to contribute to this amazing project! I am a Masters candidate in Latin American Studies and a second year law school student at the University of New Mexico (UNM). I am happy to work under Keira as a graduate assistant in K-12 outreach programs at the UNM Latin American and Iberian Institute. I will be your handy dandy translator of curricula for Latin American books to use in the classroom. I look forward to working for all of you and I hope that my work helps to further your goals of implementing bilingual/Latin American books in your lesson plans. I want to take this opportunity to give you some brief information about myself so you can get to know me a little better.

I am the daughter of Mexican immigrants, and although I grew up in Albuquerque I was always immersed in a deeply rich Latin American culture. Reading books like The House on Mango Street, In the Time of the Butterflies and Esperanza Rising when I was young was invaluable to me, especially because the majority of books we had to read in class did not have much Latin American influence, much less any characters that I could relate to on a cultural level.

I decided to get my Bachelor’s degree in Spanish and Sociology from UNM, where I worked with various non-profit organizations that focus on civil rights and education for minorities. Because I have spent my life in the immigrant community, I knew that I wanted to practice immigration law. I therefore decided to apply to the dual degree graduate program that the Latin American and Iberian Institute provides, and I have been working on my Masters and JD ever since! My concentrations for my Masters degree are in human rights and political science.

An important thing to know about me is that I am incredibly passionate about the Spanish language. I am an avid believer that Spanish must be both taught and preserved in the United States, especially considering how incredibly diverse we are as a country, and how important it is to acquire some sort of bilingual education. What better way to preserve the language than by implementing culturally-rich bilingual/Latin American books in K-12 programs, right?

So, as you can imagine, my contribution to Vamos a Leer is a perfect fit for me. I am so excited to work with such a great team of faculty, students, and community members; and I am even more excited to provide you with Spanish translations to different lesson plans and serve as a general resource to you. Estoy a sus órdenes, y estoy muy agradecida por tener la oportunidad de trabajar para ustedes.

Con mucho cariño,