Miguel and the Grand Harmony

Written by: Matt de la Peña

Illustrated by: Ana Ramírez

Disney Press 2017

Ages: 3-7

Region: Mexico

Music is the protagonist in Newburry Medal winner, Matt de la Peña’s, Miguel and the Grand Harmony. The Music is a part of life, and it travels through town on the beat, rhythm, and cacophonies of its makers. The music is stumped however when it reaches Miguel, a boy who loves music but is not allowed to play. The Music cooks up a scheme to bring a guitar into Miguel’s life and inspires him to play, to play whats in his heart. De la Peña highlights the many ways music shows up in our lives, and its connection to happiness.

Discussion Questions:

How did the colors in the book communicate emotion?

Why would playing music upset Mama Coco?

Region: Mexico/North America

Additional Resources:

Coco by Disney Pixar

Matt de la Peña’s Website

More books by Matt de la Peña


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