Written in Starlight

Isabel Ibañez (Page Street 2021)

Region: Bolivia/South America

Age: High school

Isabel Ibañez’s second book, Written in Starlight, details the captivating coming of age story of Catalina Quiroga. Catalina, the last royal Illustrian, has been banished to the Yanu Jungle for disobeying the new Queen.

It is pure luck that she runs into Manuel, the son of her old guard, whose been trying to make contact with the Illari the last sixth months. With Manuels survival skills the two team up to try and find the Illari’s golden city to ask for an army to re-conquer the Inkasisa. But something dangerous is afoot in the jungle, beyond the poisonous plants, crocodiles, pumas and the unfriendly Illari. Will Catalina’s powers as a seer help uncover the evil thats lurking in the jungle? And will she be able to win back the throne? Find out in the sequel to Woven in MoonlightWritten in Starlight.

Discussion Questions:

What’s one lesson Catalina learns while in the Jungle?

Describe Catalina’s character development. Give examples.

Additional Resources:

The Author’s Website

Interview with Isabel Ibañez


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