February LAII Educator Newsletter: Upcoming Workshops, Resource Materials, and More

Happy February, educators! We hope your school years are going as smoothly as possible and that your 2022 has started off well. In our latest newsletter, we share ideas, prepared lesson plans, and other opportunities and resources to help incorporate Hispanic and Latinx themes into your learners’ studies. ¡Disfrútalo! 

Incorporating Global and Latin American Sounds into the Classroom -Thursday, February 24th at 4:30 pm MST
What does the world sound like? What does Latin America sound like? How is sound a form of resistance and sovereignty?
In this workshop, participants will learn how to incorporate sound into their classroom teaching. Listen to soundscapes from around Latin America and Iberia, participate in an “ear-opening” activity using South American sounds, and learn what resources are available to help you incorporate sound – including music, oral history, and podcasts – into your classroom teaching. The resources provided are applicable across grade levels, languages, and subject areas. An educator book guide on Hungry Listening will also be provided and discussed.
Explore, listen, and open your ears in this hands-on virtual workshop.
Register Here

Spotlight: México y la frontera
Our featured resources this month focus on activities that will help students learn about Mexico and the Mexican/US borderlands using historical and contemporary lenses. This includes a resource guide on the Mexican Revolution, and a podcast guide and a film guide exploring la frontera.

Mexican Revolution
Grade Levels: Primary and SecondaryDownload Activities
Podcast Guide: Fue el estado
Grade Levels: Spanish IV, V, APDownload Activities
Film Guide: Which Way Home?
Grade Levels: Secondary Download Activities

Educator Guide: “LA LÍNEA”
Miguel’s life is just beginning. Or so he thinks.
Fifteen-year-old Miguel leaves his rancho deep in Mexico to migrate to California across la línea, the border, in a debut novel of life-changing, cliff-hanging moments. But Miguel’s carefully laid plans change suddenly when his younger sister Elena stows away and follows him. Together, Miguel and Elena endure hardships and danger on their journey of desperation and desire, loyalty and betrayal.
An epilogue set ten years after the events of the story, shows that you can’t always count on dreams–even the ones that come true.
This book is appropriate for the middle grades (6 – 8).
Download  the Educator Guide

Recent Workshops at the LAII
Para Todos: Teaching Immigration & Activism in the K-12 ClassroomThe LAII recently hosted a professional development workshop on how to teach immigration and activism in the K-12 classroom. We were joined by Alejandra Domenzain, author of For All/Para Todos. Alejandra grew up in Mexico and the United States. She has been an advocate for immigrant workers for over 25 years, and also worked as an elementary school teacher. Currently, she is dedicated to improving workplace health and safety for low-wage workers.Workshop RecordingPresentation & Resources Social Justice and Activism in Everyday Curriculum: A vibrant social justice movement led largely by young activists is keeping immigration, racial justice, and other important movements in the headlines. As teachers and community-based educators, we can help youth learn about these issues and develop the skills they need to be civically engaged. Discover curriculums and best practices for integrating social justice from the University of New Mexico and UnidosUS Affiliate, Cesar Chavez Foundation, in a conversation moderated by Alejandra Domenzain, immigrant worker rights advocate and author of “For All/Para Todos”.Workshop Recording

The Importance of Bilingualism for Deaf/HH New Mexican Children -Friday, February 4th at 12 pm MST
The Lobo Language Acquisition Lab is very excited to host Dr. Jennifer Herbold of the New Mexico School for the Deaf as part of our #CelebrateBilingualismNM Speaker Series on Friday, Feb. 4th at 12pm MST. Dr. Herbold is presenting “The Importance of Bilingualism for Deaf/HH New Mexican Children.” This is a virtual event and ASL interpreters will be provided.
Register Here

Looking for more professional development?

Check out National Geographic’s free, online courses!
The National Geographic Society provides free, online professional development courses to formal and informal educators worldwide. Courses span a wide range of topics – from training in National Geographic’s geo-inquiry process, to conservation, to storytelling, to service learning, to an educator certification, and more. There is something for everyone and some courses come with the opportunity to earn continuing education credits. An online educator community for course graduates is also available.
The LAII’s K-12 Program coordinator has completed a few of their courses and cannot recommend them highly enough! Click below to learn more about the opportunities available and to sign up.
Learn More

Other Opportunities

Summer Institute for Global Educators 2022: July 18-22, 2022
Looking for creative and innovative strategies to incorporate a global perspective across disciplines in your classroom curriculum? With presentations from Pitt faculty, UCIS staff, and other experts across a number of disciplines and including themes and topics such as language acquisition, sustainability, architecture, migration, math, culture, geography, and history, the virtual Summer Institute for Global Educators 2022 will enhance your teaching and your students’ learning! Sessions will include the use of film and media, simulations, games, and technology to enhance global learning and teaching. Synchronous and asynchronous daily sessions will be offered with time built in for participating educators of similar disciplines to collaborate and develop activities and lesson plans from the Institute’s offerings. 
 Friday, April 1, 2022 
Pre-service and in-service high school educators in the U.S. and Pitt College in High School teachers. This program is FREE for all participants. ACT48 credits will be covered for participating PA teachers. LEARN MORE: pi.tt/SIGE

Dual Language Education of New Mexico
DLENM provides support, workshops, and resources to educators across the state and beyond. See below for more details on their upcoming training sessions for educators, as well as a link to their newsletter.
Winter Institutes
Math Training – Secondary and Elementary
Soleado – DLENM Email Newsletter

Albuquerque Museum K-12 Resources
Bring the Museum into your classroom! The Albuquerque Museum has a variety of virtual resources to offer inspired by our exhibitions and collections. The museum is currently offering pre-recorded videos as well as live virtual presentations on Zoom and Google Meet.
Click here for more information

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