New STEM Guide: The Legend of Lupe Hernández

The Legend of Lupe Hernández

We’ve created a new STEM guide to explore the Legend of Lupe!

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It’s 2021. Hand sanitizer is essential along with face masks and keys when you go out. But, do you know who created hand sanitizer, why hand sanitizer was created, or who hand sanitizer was originally invented for?

According to Laura Barton’s 2012 article published in The Guardian, Lupe Hernández, a nursing student in Bakersfield, California in the late ’60s, invented hand sanitizer to help doctors keep their hands sanitized while going room to room to visit patients. However, prior to this article, there is no previous mention of Hernández nor has she or her family been located in Bakersfield. So, does Lupe Hernández even exist? Did Hernández invent hand sanitizer?

Check out the latest STEM guide to uncover this mystery and to teach students how to identify credible sources. Click here for the full guide, and share your thoughts below on the Legend of Lupe.

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