Mi Papi Tiene Una Moto by: Isabel Quintero

Review of Mi papi tiene una moto

Isabel Quintero provides us with a heartwarming tribute to her father in her latest book, Mi papi tiene una moto (available in English as My Papi has a Motorcycle). This heartwarming tale shares the admiration and love that Daisy has for her hardworking father. In this story, Daisy shares with us about the motorcycle rides that she looks forward to wit her father; the two pass around their home town and greet neighbors, family members, neighborhood pets. Along their journey, Daisy shares the feelings, sounds, and smells that she finds along the way.

El hogar es un sentimiento

que se lleva consigo.

In this heartwarming story, Quintero inspires readers to celebrate and appreciate their homes and their families. For Daisy, her home and her family are always present within her; how do you carry your home with you? Quintero’s storyline and Zeke Peña’s illustrations also inspire us to bring awareness to our feelings and senses. How would you describe your home? How does it feel, smell, sound, and look? Click here to check out the full guide in Spanish.

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