Review of Tania de Regil’s Un Nuevo Hogar

Tania de Regil’s Un nuevo hogar (4-8yrs)

Saludos queridos lectores! We recently read Tania de Regil’s Un nuevo hogar (available in English as A New Home). This story tells the story of two young kids who share their worries and fears about their families’ upcoming moves to very different places. Although these two young kids do not know each other and do not interact, Regil shares their stories side by side as the young boy and his family plan to move from New York to Mexico City and as the young girl and her family plan to from Mexico City to New York.

Regil parallels the two young kids’ stories to show what each child loves about their home city and as each express their similar fears and hopes about their new homes. This story encourages readers to think about and cherish their families and their homes. What makes your home special to you? This story also encourages readers to recognize their feelings and fears. Big changes, such as moving to a new city in a new country, can be scary for readers of all ages; however, these changes can also be full of hope and promise!


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