Colombia’s Virtual Cultural Box

During this time of Quarantine and of staying at home to work and study, in collaboration with our graduate student assistants, we have built a package of activities that are related to Colombia and its culture and geography. In this package we want to share with you activities that go from Kindergarten up to 12 grade.

As some of you know, we at the LAII department of the University of New Mexico have some Cultural Boxes with materials that you can use in class to teach the culture and traditions of the different countries of South and Central America. Today we are going to present Colombia’s Virtual Cultural Box, a didactic resource full of guides, activities, videos and knowledge about Colombia. This Virtual Cultural Box comes with a teaching guide, where teachers can find other resources and instructions on how to use the different activities from the Cultural Box.

We are happy to share with all of you this new package of guides that are part of the Viajamos a… project and the My Passport activities.

Single Activities:

Guide: America, a continent with two seasons.

Guide: Speaking more than two languages.

Guide: Viajamos a Colombia

Guide: Colombia’s Native Customs and Languages.

My Passport Template.

Cultural Box

Colombia Virtual Cultural Box

Colombia Virtual Cultural Box, Teaching Guide.

Enjoy it!


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