Commemorating The Earth’s Day

This 2020 has been a very different year from what we imagined it would be like. It has been a year in which it has allowed us to enjoy more of the coexistence with our families and has led us to live a unique experience in life. The commemoration of Earth Day takes place on April 22 of each year and is celebrated in honor of the resources, places and raw materials that the earth offers us.

That is why in Vamos a Leer, we have decided to make some guides that as a teacher will allow you to explore, learn and teach about natural resources and the importance of Earth Day from Colombia.

These guides are part of My Passport activities and have been designed incorporating activities aligned with the following Common Core Standards.

We hope that you enjoy and use the guides that we made for you.

Guide: America, a continent with two seasons.

Guide: Speaking more than two languages.

Guide: Colombia’s Native Customs and Languages


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