Vamos a Leer is on Summer Break!

person-2468249_960_720Dear fellow readers,

Summer is most certainly upon us now, with just about every classroom emptied of students and teachers enjoying a much-needed opportunity to rest and relax.

Here at our Vamos a Leer offices at the University of New Mexico, everything is extra quiet after a busy year. As you can probably tell from our minimal posting lately, we’re taking a bit of a break from the blog this summer. Yet even while this feels a bit calmer than the frenetic school year, there’s still much afoot just outside our doors in the world of children’s literature. We’re busy planning and preparing for the upcoming school year!

We’re in the process of selecting the books for our 2019-2020 book group now. There are so many great titles! I can’t wait to be back writing about them next year. I’m currently reading Meg Medina’s Merci Suarez Changes Gears, and, not surprisingly, it’s fabulous! You didn’t actually think we weren’t going to feature one of our favorite author’s Newbery Award Winning novels did you?!? I’m also looking forward to reading this year’s recently announced Américas Award winners. So many great books and so little time. Check back at the beginning of August for this year’s book list for our Vamos a Leer book group.

Even though the blog is on hiatus for a few months, we’re still here! Drop us a line, give us some ideas, ask us some questions, and join us in delving into summer books. Please continue to browse the blog and check out all of the great resources that have been added over the last year.

Happy reading,


One thought on “Vamos a Leer is on Summer Break!

  1. Hola Katrina!

    I would love to see the Educators guide for the film Pelo Malo, if you wouldn´t mind sharing it with me! I keep trying the link and it won´t let me access it. Thanks so much!

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