Sobre Octubre 2016: Latinx Children’s and YA Literature on Loss and Resolution


Dear all,

For October, our resources on the blog will deal largely with loss and resolution in Latinx literature for children and young adults. This theme is prompted in part by the arrival of fall – a period that encourages a consideration of life in all of its phases as summer passes away and winter’s dormancy approaches. Our theme is also inspired by the upcoming celebrations related to Día de los Muertos, a holiday in which many communities celebrate the lives of loved ones who have passed away.

In the past several years we’ve focused more exclusively on Día de los Muertos, since this is a time when many teachers may be introducing the Day of the Dead customs to their students. This year we’re expanding the conversation in an effort to share resources that at once impart cultural knowledge and also support teachers in creating a safe space in their classroom to have difficult conversations about loss and resolution — two experiences that underlie many Día de los Muertos celebrations, but that may not be readily discussed with students. The literature that we share in the coming weeks will feature protagonists who experience loss on a personal, familial, or community level. They also introduce different conceptualizations of death. Throughout, however, we also try to draw attention to how loss can serve as an opportunity to honor, memorialize, celebrate, cherish, and remember. In loss, we can deepen our appreciation for life.

Stay tuned for Alice and Colleen’s resources on this theme. Valeria will continue to bring us the much-awaited Spanish translations of our educator’s guides and Alin will offer her regular features of the week in review. Katrina, meanwhile, will be stopping by intermittently throughout the rest of the semester to share book reviews and En la Clase posts with you.

Regardless of our different roles, we all look forward to sharing this conversation with you.

En paz,




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