September 23rd | Week in Review



¡Hola a todos! The materials for this Week in Review are focused on the need for diverse books in children’s literature. Enjoy!

– Out of the page Reading While White, KT Horning shared what happens When Whiteness Dominates Reviews and asks the questions, “Why is it that Whiteness continues to dominate professional reviews? And what can be done to change that?”

– Professor Sarah Park (a faculty person in the Library and Information Science department at St. Catherine University) discusses the importance of diversity with her post on “Picture This: Reflecting Diversity in Children’s Book Publishing.”

— Also, on the page Mother Jones, Dashka Slater reveals The Uncomfortable Truth About Children’s Books. This is a huge and important issue as, “80% of children’s book world – authors, illustrators, editors, execs, marketers, and reviewers are white,” expresses Slater.

–Here is a question to think about. “How Many Central American of Note can you Name?” According to Teaching for Change, there are more than four million Central Americans in the US, yet most schools lack resources to teach about Central American heritage. This new website from Teaching for Change addresses that disparity!

— Lastly, here are 5 Books to Help You Raise a Globally Minded Child, shared by Lee & Low Books on their Facebook page.


Image: Open book. Reprinted from Flickr user Γιάννης Ηλίας under CC ©.


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