Time Flies!

flowerHi,  All!

Time flies! Where did April and May go?!

I’m popping in to apologize to our followers for our abrupt disappearance in May. The semester got away from us as our attention was diverted to local campus and community happenings, including the graduation of Charla, our dedicated blogger! She will be missed!!

We also offer our grateful thanks to blogger Kalyn, who’s wrapped up her time with us here at Vamos a Leer.

Next term you’ll find us back in full force with new and familiar faces. I’ll keep the new contributors a surprise, but know that you’ll still hear plenty from me, Katrina, and Alice.

In the meantime, Alice is learning Portuguese in Brazil and Katrina and I have a lot distracting us over the summer, including our first international trip for educators (we’re headed to Havana in July with teachers from Florida and New Mexico). When we’re not all traveling the world, we’ll be hard at work planning the 2016-17 selections for Vamos a Leer. If you have suggestions for which titles we should read or feature, let us know in the comments. We’d love to hear your ideas as we continue our pursuit of engaging, diverse books for the classroom!

We’ll be back with you in August, if not sooner. Enjoy your summer in the meantime!


p.s. Here’s a photo of the wildflowers outside our campus office. Summer is officially here and it’s blooming!


5 thoughts on “Time Flies!

  1. Please help get the word out about the beautifully illustrated timely and timeless bi-lingual book Joelito’s Big Decision/ La gran decisión de Joelito. It’s about a boy, a burger, a friendship and the fight to raise the minimum wage. It shows the next generation that the struggle for economic justice didn’t end with Cesar Chavez.

    Joelito explains the sources of income inequality in a way that young children can understand, and shows that people working together are making history today.

    The book will spark lively discussions about why people can work hard and still be unable to make ends meet, and about what people can do about this. Joelito also prromotes cross class empathy and understanding. Hardball Press, $10, ages 6-12 and older. Parents love reading and seeing their children read about their own lives.

    • Hi Ann,

      Thanks for sharing the information about your book. I’ve read Joelito’s Big Decision and agree it’s a great resource. You’ve done a beautiful job with an important topic.


      • I’m glad to know you know and like the book. (You left out the word “job” on your comment.) Could you tell me about how the book giveaway works. I’m working on how to get the word about Joelito out more broadly…And how I can communicate with you directly so I don’t have a public post.)

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