Writers’ Words: Margarita Engle

Engle Quote

¡Buenos días!

I hope everyone is enjoying Spring Break! This month’s visual quote comes from Margarita Engle’s novel, Enchanted Air: Two Cultures, Two Wings. I hope you like it!



2 thoughts on “Writers’ Words: Margarita Engle

  1. Hi;

    When you make a list of books to celebrate working people for May 1, I hope you’ll include
    the beautifully illustrated timely and timeless bi-lingual book Joelito’s Big Decision/ La gran decisión de Joelito. Joelito shows the next generation that the struggle for economic justice did not end with the victory of Cesar Chavez and the farmworkers. It tells a story of the continuing struggle (Hardball Press, $10, ages 6-12 and older) .

    Joelito’s about a boy, a burger, a friendship and the struggle to raise the minimum wage. It addresses sources of income inequality in a way that even young children can understand, and shows that people working together are making history today.

    Joelito’s gotten great reviews but that’s not enough to get it into the hands of children, young people, and their elders, parents and teachers in a timely way. The book will spark lively discussions about what’s at stake in the up-coming elections, and about the national and international movement to raise the minimum wage.

  2. Hey there, thank you for your input! We really appreciate it. I have heard a lot about that book, it sounds awesome. It is also especially timely with the fight for 15. We haven’t decided if we will be doing a Reading Roundup for May yet, as the semester is coming to a close. But we will definitely keep that book in mind for future roundups!

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