Book Giveaway: Me llamo María Isabel/My Name is María Isabel

Good afternoon, everyone!

Congratulations to the winner of last week’s giveaway and thank you to all who commented!  TVamos a Leer | Book Giveaway: Me llamo María Isabel/My Name is María Isabelhis week, you can win Alma Flor Ada’s book, Me llamo María Isabel, and the English translation, My Name is María Isabel.  According to Alma Flor’s website, this book tells the story of “María Isabel, a Hispanic child growing up in the U.S., [who] begins having problems in her new classroom when her teacher changes her name to Mary. This compelling portrait of an experience common to many language minority children inspires discussions on self-identity and biculturalism.”  School Library Journal suggests this book for grades three and four. There is also a lesson plan for this book, which can be accessed from the book’s description on Alma Flor’s website.  The lesson plan includes discussion topics for before reading, during reading, and after reading.  Additionally, the plan includes craft ideas and another brief synopsis of the storyline.  We think this book would make for a great classroom read-aloud and discussion that could help touch on immigration, respect, cultural competence, and self-identity.

Let us know how you can use these books at home or at school by leaving a comment below!  We will contact winners at the end of the week to collect shipping information.

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Image: Photo of My Name is María Isabel. Reprinted from Alma Flor’s Website.


5 thoughts on “Book Giveaway: Me llamo María Isabel/My Name is María Isabel

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  2. Hello,
    I found our I won last week’s giveaway!!!! Thank you.
    I have to say that this weeks book sound a lot like “My Name is Jorge”. I teach ESL and it is literature like this that we need to read in our classrooms so our students have a personal connection with the characters. We are always asking our students to connect with the character but in many occasions the characters are completely different than they are!
    There is no doubt the this book could be a great addition to my classroom library!!! 🙂
    Please continue to share!!!! 🙂

    • Hi Emily! Thanks for commenting and stopping by the blog again! I agree that these books are very important to have in the classroom so that students never feel excluded from the experiences of protagonists. 🙂 I have added your name to this weeks giveaway. Winners will be announced next week!

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