Book Giveaway: Vivir en dos idiomas and Yes! We are Latinos/¡Sí! Somos Latinos

Good afternoon, everyone!

It’s Tuesday, so you know what that means! Today, we are congratulating Reina, our winner from last week, and we are ready to give away our second book package in the series. I am so excited to be kicking off Hispanic Heritage Month with this giveaway!

Vamos a Leer | Book Giveaway: Vivir en dos idiomas and Yes! We are LatinosThis week, we have the memoria of Alma Flor Ada’s life, Vivir en dos idiomas, in which “Alma Flor shares with the adult reader the most important moments of her life: as a student,
teacher, mother, activist, author and professor. She shares with openness and sincerity, and her engaging style as a storyteller, the circumstances that transformed her life, her experiences living in four different countries, the people who influenced her development and the lessons learned from life.” The book incorporates many personal stories—from her childhood in Cuba to her experiences in the United States that initiated her support for peasant immigrants—and even highlights how she became a writer in the first place.

Vamos a Leer | Book Giveaway: Vivir en dos idiomas and Yes! We are LatinosIn our second book, Yes! We are Latinos/¡Sí! Somos Latinos, written by Alma Flor Ada and F. Isabel Campoy, and illustrated by David Díaz, we follow the stories of thirteen young Latinos/as in the United States. We have both the English and Spanish copies up for grabs as a part of this giveaway package! According to Alma Flor’s website, “Free-verse fictional narratives from the perspective of each youth provide specific stories and circumstances for the reader to better understand the Latino people’s quest for identity. Each profile is followed by nonfiction prose that further clarifies the character’s background and history, touching upon important events in the history of the Latino American people, such as the Spanish Civil War, immigration to the US, and the internment of Latinos with Japanese ancestry during World War II.” This book would be great to utilize in class for discussing Hispanic Heritage Month and Hispanic Heritage overall. We can see an
y number of activities emerging from using this book in the classroom, from bringing in student knowledge (maybe by asking them to write complementary, autobiographical poems) to rupturing stereotypes by looking at diversity within the Latino/a community.

Please comment below and tell us how you could utilize these books, either in your classroom or as part of your private libraries. Remember, one person will be selected from the comments each week to win!

Until next week,


Image: Photo of Vivir en dos idiomas. Reprinted from Alma Flor’s Website

Image: Photo of Yes! We are Latinos. Reprinted from Alma Flor’s Website


13 thoughts on “Book Giveaway: Vivir en dos idiomas and Yes! We are Latinos/¡Sí! Somos Latinos

  1. Both of these books sound like they would be great for me to read and then make available to my students. I love to read about the real experiences of people, especially when it involves navigating different cultures. I’m a teacher from the U.S., but this is my third year living and teaching in Mexico. I could use these books this year in my literature, geography, and history classes and would really like to use them in the classroom as I transition back to teaching in the U.S. and becoming an ESOL teacher there, where my students would surely be able to relate to the books and get inspired for their own writing.

  2. These books would be perfect for my Bilingual Spanish class. All of my students come from Mexico or other Latin American countries. I am always looking for resources in Spanish for my students that will help them discover an appreciation for and pride in their heritage.

  3. The second book (English version) about the stories of young Latinos living in the United States will be useful for my YA fiction,that includes also the stories of two Mexican teenagers who moved to live in the United States. Thanks.

  4. Both books would be great for our school! I am specially interested in the first book Vivir en dos idiomas as I feel that the author and myself share similar experiences. Our students in our small charter school are living examples of the second book Si! Somos Latinos and I am sure that they will connect with the stories in this book.

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