Sobre Septiembre: Resources to Honor and Understand Latin American Cultural Influences

Resources to Honor and Understand Latin American Cultural Influences | Vamos a LeerHi everyone,

In the calm of the summer months Katrina and I were planning and brainstorming behind the scenes. A few new ideas emerged from our many caffeinated conversations. Some we’re ready to unveil now; others we’ll announce throughout the year as they coalesce.

One of our new endeavors is illustrated by this post. Each month we’ll do our best to kick off the 30 days with an outright explanation of what our blogging team plans to cover. We always have lots of discussions in our office about upcoming themes and titles. Beginning this week, we’ll make a stronger effort to share those conversations with you and explain where we’re headed. Just as students might in the classroom, we’re assuming that you’ll appreciate knowing the larger rationale behind our various posts.

So, where is Vamos a Leer headed in September? First, we’re welcoming three new fantastic graduate students to our blogging team: Alice Donahue, Kalyn Finnell, and Charla Henley. You’ll come to know these dynamic women within the next week, as they’re poised to become a part of the Vamos a Leer community. Please join me in welcoming them! After we introduce our new writers, we’ll turn to the thematic focus for the month. September will show all of our bloggers celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month (Sept. 15 – Oct. 15) by discussing resources to honor and understand Latin American cultural influences throughout the hemisphere. How can educators and students explore the rich, multicultural heritage of peoples moving within the Américas? In the coming weeks we’ll offer different perspectives for how to do just that:

  • Alice, who takes over from Lorraine for our ¡Mira, Look! children’s book reviews, will focus on “retellings,” or fresh, cross-cultural takes on familiar stories.
  • Kalyn, author of a new column whose name we haven’t quite determined yet (suggestions?!), will feature a round-up of ten memorable children’s books that look at immigration through the eyes of children.
  • Charla, the new writer of World Wide Web (WWW) posts, will offer ideas for different media that we can use to explore and understand Latin American culture in the United States.
  • Katrina, my partner-in-crime and the educator behind En la Clase posts, will contribute to the conversation with apropos curricular resources.

Let us know, too, if you have ideas for topics for future months.  Vamos a Leer was created to serve you, so help us out by giving us suggestions for how we can best support your needs as multicultural educators!



4 thoughts on “Sobre Septiembre: Resources to Honor and Understand Latin American Cultural Influences

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