A Goodbye Post for Lorraine and Jake

signoffFellow blogger and children’s book reviewer Lorraine Archibald will be leaving us next year to pursue a FLAS Fellowship to learn Quechua.  As her team member throughout this past academic year, I have been thoroughly engaged and inspired by Lorraine’s and our entire team’s motivation to provide engaging material for our amazing readers.  I cannot express fully how much I have enjoyed and grown with all of you while writing my weekly World Wide Web posts.  With this beautiful note from Lorraine, I do not think it can be stated any better:

It has been an honor to be a blogger with Vamos a Leer, which has given me the opportunity to review dozens of multicultural children’s books allowing me to become more knowledgeable about great titles, authors, and resources for multicultural teaching in the classroom. My time with Vamos a Leer has led me to understand that educators desperately lack material that represents the diversity of experiences among their students, and I am grateful to have been given the opportunity to suggest to educators ways to fill that gap. What made this job so rewarding were the praises, comments, and likes that fellow bloggers and educators shared with me.

At Vamos a Leer our goal is to help teachers incorporate Latin America and the Latino experience into the classroom. I hope to continue this goal throughout my academic and professional career, and I thank all of our readers for their gratitude and ongoing commitment to multicultural teaching.

– Lorraine Archibald, Jake Sandler and the Vamos a Leer team.  Have a wonderful summer!!

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