Book Giveaway!! The Meaning of Consuelo

Book-Giveaway-Seal_DraftWe’re giving away a copy of The Meaning of Consuelo written by Judith Ortiz Cofer–our featured novel for May’s book group meeting!! Check out the following from Macmillan:

“‘La niña seria’, the serious child. That’s how Consuelo’s mother has cast her pensive, book-loving daughter, while Consuelo’s younger sister Mili, is seen as vivacious–a ray of tropical sunshine. Two daughters: one dark, one light; one to offer comfort and consolation, the other to charm and delight. But something is not right in this Puerto Rican family.

Set in the 1950s, a time when American influence is diluting Puerto Rico’s rich island culture, Consuelo watches her own family’s downward spiral. It is Consuelo who notices as her beautiful sister Mili’s vivaciousness turns into mysterious bouts of hysteria and her playful invented language shift into an incomprehensible and chilling “language of birds.” Ultimately Consuelo must choose: Will she fulfill the expectations of her family–offering consolation as their tragedy unfolds? Or will she risk becoming la fulana, the outsider, like the harlequin figure of her neighbor, Mario/Maria Sereno, who flaunts his tight red pedal pushers and empty brassiere as he refuses the traditional macho role of his culture.

This affecting novel is a lively celebration of Puerto Rico as well as an archetypal story of loss, the loss each of us experiences on our journey from the island of childhood to the uncharted territory of adulthood.

It looks like another interesting read–a great addition to any personal or classroom library! To be entered in the giveaway, just comment on any post on the blog by April 26th.  Everyone who comments between March 30th and April 26th will be entered in the drawing.  If your name is chosen, we’ll email you ASAP about mailing the book to you.

Don’t forget, we also raffle off a copy of the following month’s featured novel at each book group meeting. So if you’re an Albuquerque local, join us for a chance to win!

Good luck!


3 thoughts on “Book Giveaway!! The Meaning of Consuelo

  1. I’d love to read the story of Consuelo. It is a familiar story of family expectations and traditions.
    When someone doesn’t conform there is always drama of some kind of heartbreak. I like these kind of stories they relate so much to the latin community because we live in a dual society.

  2. Thank you for your input Sonia! We agree, this is a great coming-of age story that forces the protaganista to confront her family’s and society’s expectations with her own individuality, ideas, and feelings-which I’d say is something that all of us from many different multicultural backgrounds go through! You are entered for the book giveaway drawing-good luck!

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