A Special Gift from Viola Canales!

Viola Canales, author of our featured book for the month of November, has graciously sent us a signed copy of her novel, The Tequila Worm, for our book giveaway this month!  The hard cover edition includes a dedication in the front cover:The Tequila Worm Signed

“For the reader participating in the Vamos a Leer November 2014 program-the month of The Tequila Worm-I dedicate this book to you with my affection AND the hope that you (like Sofía in the book) seek your dreams, with books as your friends and guides. Con cariño, Viola Canales.”

Canales has been particularly supportive of our blog and, when asked to provide us with a quote concerning multicultural literature, she proposed:

“Reading books reflecting our many cultures is like seeing a rainbow ignited by its many beautiful colors.”

We thank Canales for being a dedicated part of our Vamos a Leer community, and encourage all our readers to check out her work!

4 thoughts on “A Special Gift from Viola Canales!

    • That’s too bad, but reading truly is a subjective process. A book that shines for one person can seem flat to another. Hopefully you’ll enjoy our next featured book, Mexican WhiteBoy by Matt de la Peña. But we can talk more tonight! Looking forward to seeing you.


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