Book Giveaway!! The Tequila Worm

We’re giving away a copy of The Tequila Worm written by ViBook-Giveaway-Seal_Draftola Canales–our featured novel for November’s book group meeting!! Check out the following excerpt from Childrens Book List:

“Each chapter centers on the vivid particulars of Mexican American traditions–celebrating the Day of the Dead, preparing for a cousin’s quinceanera. The explanations of cultural traditions never feel too purposeful; they are always rooted in immediate, authentic family emotions, and in Canales’ exuberant storytelling, which, like a good anecdote shared between friends, finds both humor and absurdity in sharply observed, painful situations–from weathering slurs and other blatant harassment to learning what it means to leave her community for a privileged, predominately white school. Readers of all backgrounds will easily connect with Sofia as she grows up, becomes a comadre, and helps rebuild the powerful, affectionate community that raised her.”

It looks like another interesting read–a great addition to any personal or classroom library! To be entered in the giveaway, just comment on any post on the blog by October 26th.  Everyone who comments between September 29th and October 26th will be entered in the drawing.  If your name is chosen, we’ll email you ASAP about mailing the book to you.

Don’t forget, we also raffle off a copy of the following month’s featured novel at each book group meeting.  So if you’re an Albuquerque local, join us for a chance to win!

Good luck!

10 thoughts on “Book Giveaway!! The Tequila Worm

  1. I would love to win a copy of the Tequila Worm! I am working on creating a classroom library for the students to borrow books from.

  2. Hola. I made a comment on another post, and like to have my name in the drawing. I just finished YA fiction set mostly in Mexico and it also talks about the Quinceanera. Thanks.

  3. really enjoyed the meeting Monday. By the way the “movie ” on you tube. Appartently it was some kind of project about the book.
    Please endter me in the drawing.


    • Hi Rita! I’m so glad you came last night! We had such a wonderful group. It was a really nice way to spend an evening and start the week. Book group is one of my favorite parts of what we get to do at the LAII. Thanks for sharing the information about the movie on youtube. I’m going to have to look it up. We’ve got you entered in the drawing!

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