En la Clase: School Library Journal’s Diversity Issue

SLJ Diversity IssueIdentity is one of the first themes we’ll be tackling in our upcoming posts for the new year.  It’s an important topic that connects to so much of what we do in education, but it’s not always an easy one to discuss or teach about.  In our posts we hope to both provide resources to help bridge this topic in the classroom, and generate dialogue on how you as educators are already talking and teaching about this topic in your classrooms.  It’s certainly a theme that remains relevant throughout the year, but it was always one that I liked to address from the very beginning of the school year.  It easily lends itself to other topics common to August and September lessons, such as how to be yourself, acceptance,  and community.  It also provides a nice way to lead in to Hispanic Heritage Month (another theme we’ll be writing about soon) which allows for the discussion of identity to continue in a more specific context.

For today’s post, I’d like to call your attention to the School Library Journal’s recently-released “The Diversity Issue” 2014.  If we’re going to talk about identity in the classroom, we have to address the issues around diversity, especially how diversity is presented in the literature we use in the classroom.  The entire issue is available for free online.  With sixteen different articles, this issue contains a wealth of information applicable to everyone in education.  Below I’ve highlighted just a few of the articles, but I hope you’ll check out the issue in its entirety.  We’d love to hear your thoughts, so please share in the comment section! Remember our first giveaway runs through tomorrow, August 28th, everyone who comments is entered in the giveaway!

Image: Illustration by Christopher Meyers.  Reprinted from SLJ Diversity Issue | Children’s Books.  Still an All-White World?

One thought on “En la Clase: School Library Journal’s Diversity Issue

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