¡Mira, Look!: Laura Resau

laura resauThis week we turn our attention to Laura Resau, author of this month’s featured book. Resau is originally from Baltimore. She received her Bachelor’s degree in anthropology and French from St. Mary’s College in Maryland. Upon graduation, Resau earned her certification in teaching English as a Second Language. She applied for jobs internationally due to a desire to travel, so when she was offered a job in Oaxaca, Mexico, she jumped at this opportunity. During her stay in Oaxaca, Resau became fluent in Spanish and learned some Mixtec (an indigenous language spoken in the region) as well. Resau would return to the United States to earn her Master’s degree in cultural anthropology at the University of Arizona, where she began working on What the Moon Saw (her first book).

(Note: All of the following information is used courtesy of Laura Resau’s website because I honestly couldn’t have worded this better!) Her latest novel, The Jade Notebook, was praised by School Library Journal for “the lush descriptions, intermittent action sequences, and sprinkling of fantasy [that] all come together to form an engaging reading experience.” Her previous novels – The Queen of Water, Star in the Forest, The Ruby Notebook, The Indigo Notebook, Red Glass, and What the Moon Saw – have garnered many starred reviews and awards, including the IRA YA Fiction Award, the Américas Award, and a spot on Oprah’s Kids’ Book List. Acclaimed for its sensitive treatment of immigration issues, Resau’s writing has been called “vibrant, large-hearted” (Publishers’ Weekly) and “powerful, magical” (Booklist). Resau lives with her husband and young son in Colorado. She donates a portion of her royalties to indigenous rights organizations in Latin America.

Resau’s work has been influenced by her travels. Most recently, she has traveled to Ecuador and France. Because Resau’s personal website is extremely engaging, filled with photos of her travels, and her personal insights, I will stop here and allow you to explore her website on your own. I guarantee you will not be disappointed!

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