Our Next Good Read. . .What the Moon Saw

Join us April 7th at Bookworks from 5:00-7:00 pm to discuss our next book.  We are whatTheMoonSawreading What the Moon Saw (ages 8 and up) by Laura Resau

Here’s a sneak peek into the book: (from Goodreads)

Clara Luna’s name means “clear moon” in Spanish. But lately, her head has felt anything but clear. One day a letter comes from Mexico, written in Spanish: Dear Clara, We invite you to our house for the summer. We will wait for you on the day of the full moon, in June, at the Oaxaca airport. Love, your grandparents.

Fourteen-year-old Clara has never met her father’s parents. She knows he snuck over the border from Mexico as a teenager, but beyond that, she knows almost nothing about his childhood. When she agrees to go, she’s stunned by her grandparents’ life: they live in simple shacks in the mountains of southern Mexico, where most people speak not only Spanish, but an indigenous language, Mixteco.

The village of Yucuyoo holds other surprises, too– like the spirit waterfall, which is heard but never seen. And Pedro, an intriguing young goatherder who wants to help Clara find the waterfall. Hearing her grandmother’s adventurous tales of growing up as a healer awakens Clara to the magic in Yucuyoo, and in her own soul. What The Moon Saw is an enchanting story of discovering your true self in the most unexpected place.

Be sure to get entered in our drawing for a free copy of the book!! All you have to do is comment on any blog post by March 30th!

We’ll also be raffling off a copy of May’s featured book, In Darkness (ages 14 and up)Join us that evening to be entered!

We hope to see you on April 7th!


7 thoughts on “Our Next Good Read. . .What the Moon Saw

    • We’ve got you entered! It’s a wonderful book, just an incredibly sweet story. Thanks so much for sharing it on pinterest. I can’t wait to spend more time looking at all of the books you’ve collected there. What an amazing resource!

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