Book Giveaway!! Colibrí

Colibri 1We’re giving away a copy of Colibrí (Ages 12 and up) written by Ann Cameron–our featured novel for January’s book group meeting!! Check out the following from School Library Journal:

Contemporary Guatemala is the setting for this story of 12-year-old Tzunun Chumil (Mayan for “Hummingbird Star”), called Rosa Garcia by the man who supposedly rescued her from abandonment at age four. Rosa and “Uncle” Baltasar travel from place to place, begging for their livelihood as he pretends to be blind. But, despite her dependence on and devotion to him, Rosa is distressed by the dishonesty of their lifestyle and has memories of loving parents. Told by a seer, the Day-Keeper Do-a Celestina, that the child will bring him a treasure, Baltasar takes Rosa to the town of San Sebastian where he and a friend develop a plan to steal a valuable statue from the town’s church. The plot backfires when Rosa’s conscience forces her to seek out the priest and reveal their intentions, and the two men are jailed. Rosa runs back to the kindly Day-Keeper, who takes her in and gives her the courage to make a new life for herself. When Uncle escapes, Rosa must confront him and, in a dramatic scene in which he plunges off a cliff, she learns that she was kidnapped. With the help of the Day-Keeper and a scrap of paper found in his wallet, Tzunun is reunited with her parents. Cameron layers her compelling story with vivid descriptions of setting and weaves into the narrative the complexities inherent in the blending of Mayan and ladino cultures and religious practices. This is reflected in the book’s title, which is the Spanish translation of Tzunun’s name. A well-written and engrossing read.–Marie Orlando, Suffolk Cooperative Library System, Bellport, NY

It looks like another great read–AND it’s available in English and Spanish! To be entered in the giveaway, just comment on any post on the blog by December 17th.  Everyone who comments between November 25th and December 17th will be entered in the drawing.  If your name is chosen, we’ll email you ASAP about mailing the book to you.

Don’t forget, we also raffle off a copy of the following month’s featured novel at each book group meeting.  So if you’re an Albuquerque local, join us for a chance to win!

Good luck!

3 thoughts on “Book Giveaway!! Colibrí

  1. I forgot to post this before I left town for the holidays–Blanca was the winner of our copy of December’s book, Colibri. Be sure to check out our current book giveaway, Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe. I just finished it, and it’s a new favorite of mine!

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