Author Uninvited: A School Decides I’m Trouble

We’re reading Meg Medina’s The Girl Who Could Silence the Wind in a few months for our book group, looks like we should put Yaqui Delgado wants to Kick your Ass on next year’s list. She raises some great points on how and why we decided what’s appropriate for our children in schools–and who is potentially hurt by this censorship. I hope you’ll check out her post and her newest book. It sounds like one we need in our classrooms.

Meg Medina's Blog

Let me start by saying that I am not making this up.

This week I was officially uninvited to speak on bullying at a middle school due to the title of my latest YA novel, YAQUI DELGADO WANTS TO KICK YOUR ASS.

The timing could not have been more ironic. September is the month when the American Library Association celebrates Banned Book Week, our annual reminder about the importance of intellectual freedom.

Sure, the title has raised eyebrows – as I knew it would. But the title of my book wasn’t an issue several months ago when I was contracted  to be part of the school’s anti-bullying event. YAQUI DELGADO WANTS TO KICK YOUR ASS  is the story of girl’s unraveling as she navigates being in the crosshairs of a physical and emotional abuser. I had planned to talk about my own experience at the hands of a bully long ago –…

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3 thoughts on “Author Uninvited: A School Decides I’m Trouble

      • So true. I told my library about it, too. Now they’re buying the book. Thank you for bringing Meg’s post to my attention. I’m unfamiliar with her work but I”m excited to read it now. A copy is waiting at my library for me to pick up tomorrow.

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