¡Mira, Look!: Lyn Miller-Lachmann’s Once Upon a Cuento

Hello, all,

Once Upon a CuentoAs you know by now,  the September selection for the Vamos a Leer book group is Lyn Miller-Lachmann’s engaging novel Gringolandia. 

We’re continuing the discussion of Lyn ‘s work today by focusing on another of her publications, Once Upon a Cuento, “a collection of short stories for young readers by 14 established and emerging Latino authors, published by Curbstone Press in 2003.”

As the publisher puts it, “Once Upon a Cuento is an anthology of short stories by contemporary Latina/o authors. The stories, written for young people, grade five and up, explore heritage and -history, identity, language, and relationships from the perspective of Mexican-American, Cuban-American, Dominican-American, and Puerto Rican writers. In all, the collection features seventeen stories by well-known and emerging writers, most of which are original to this collection. Contributors include acclaimed Puerto Rican children’s authors Nicholasa Mohr and Carmen T. Bernier-Grand; Cuban-American novelist, essayist, and poet Virgil Suárez; and Mexican-American short story writers and teachers Lorraine López and Sergio Troncoso.”

“The stories are grouped by theme-heritage, holidays, and contemporary culture; family life; friends and other relationships; and dealing with differences. Individual stories explore additional themes such as the challenge of making do with little money, the process of moving to a new country and learning English, and young people’s relationships to animals and to the natural world. Each story contains an introduction that offers historical, cultural, and biographical information. A general introduction and list of works by the thirteen contributors offer further avenues for research and discussion.”

Lyn’s attention to detail and focus on authentic and engaging literature ensures that this book is worthwhile addition to your collection.  Let us know your thoughts if you have the chance to read it!


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