¡Mira Look!: Poetry Resources For Older Readers & Rhymers

To close out our posts on National Poetry Month, I wanted to follow up last week’s post (which gave resources for younger readers–click here to read it) by offering some great poetry resources for older readers. I would really encourage all of you to utilize plenty of poetry in your lesson plans, in April and other months. Poetry is a wonderful literary craft that can speak to kids who may have a hard time engaging with different literary styles/genres. As always, there are far too many for me to list here, so please feel free to share your ideas in the comments below.

  • Red Hot Salsa and Cool Salsa both ed. by Lori Marie Carlson ages 12+. Cool Salsa came first and was such a hit, for good reason, that Lori crafted another bilingual poetry book, Red Hot Salsa. Both books are full of bilingual poems by famous and up-and-coming poets. These poets tell stories of themselves, their upbringing, their language, their neighborhood and their views on the world. My hope is that some of these poems will resonate with many of your students.
  • El Río es Ancho (The River is Wide): Twenty Mexican Poets ed. by Marlon L. Fick ages 14+. This wonderful anthology is a great introduction to contemporary Mexican poetry for high school learners. Complete with information on the poets and selections from each, El Río es Ancho will open the door to a solid foundation of 20 bilingual poets and their works. Check out Mexican Poetry Today: 20/20 Voices by Brandel France de Brovo for another great poetry anthology.
  • Firefly Under the Tongue by Coral Bracho ages 14+. A collection of bilingual poems from one of Mexico’s foremost female poets. While the poems definitely require some delving into and hashing out, Bracho’s ability to make the page jump alive with her richly painted images will delight and excite the imagination.
  • The Tree is Older Than You Are: A Bilingual Gathering of Poems and Stories from Mexico with Paintings by Mexican Artists ed. by Naomi Shihab Nye, ages 10+. A fantastic idea put to paper: poems and art commingling in one book to captivate the mind and light up the eyes. 64 Mexican writers and painters come together in Nye’s collection to show, through word and art, the vast wonderful world of Mexican folk tales, landscapes, stories and more. A visual and textual joy.

Happy Rhyming!


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4 thoughts on “¡Mira Look!: Poetry Resources For Older Readers & Rhymers

  1. Between this post (thanks, Ailesha) and these comments (thanks, Hope/Katrina), I’m reminded of how many wonderful adult authors contribute to children’s and young adult’s literature. Naomi Shihab Nye and Gary Soto are two of my personal favorite poets!

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