WWW: 2013 on Vamos a Leer

Vamos-a-leer_logoWelcome to 2013 on Vamos a Leer! We certainly hope your holiday season was filled with everything you needed, whether that was copious amounts of food and drink, quiet respite or feet of snow. As UNM gears up for the Spring semester, Katrina, Keira and I have been brainstorming about how to make Vamos a Leer an even better and more effective resource for educators, librarians, parents, students and lovers of YA literature and Latin America. One of the ways in which we hope to do this is to center my Mira Look and WWW posts, and Katrina’s En La Clase and informational posts around a common theme. To do this, we mapped out some of the important national events we think would A) already be addressed in your classroom and B) would lend themselves well to a discussion on YA Latin American literature; or should I say YA Latin American literature would enrich your already planned discussions!

Below I’ve mapped out the themes Katrina and I are hoping to work within, keeping in mind that flexibility is key in providing you great readers with the resources we hope are most useful. As such, this map should not be taken as a bastion of scheduling; but rather, an outline of the weave we hope to follow. This all starts on Monday January 14th with an exciting Mira Look sure to get our semester started off on the right (dancing) foot. (Intrigued? You should be.)

  • January-early February– Katrina and I will be centering our pieces on Afro-Latinos and social justice teaching to coincide with February as Black History Month.
  • Mid. Feb.- March– Race in YA literature as a natural progression from Black History Month.
  • March-April — April is National Poetry Month so Katrina and I will center posts on Latin American poetry/poets.
  • Mid. April-Beg. May — Our book group will be reading Journey of Dreams in April, a book about Guatemalan human rights, so we will be centering our themes on issues of Human Rights in Latin America and Human Rights of immigrants.
  • May — wrapping up the semester and providing teachers with some thematic lists of books we want to be sure you are aware of as you plan for next fall.
  • We will of course try to work in books/resources on Valentine’s day and Earth Day, as both of these are generally celebrated in schools and can provide an avenue for discussions on friendship, love and globalization and natural resources respectively.

Keira, Katrina and I are excited for this semester and are looking forward to your continued participation in making Vamos a Leer the go-to resource for teaching Latin America through literature.

Hasta el Lunes!


7 thoughts on “WWW: 2013 on Vamos a Leer

  1. Thank you for this time-line – helps me to focus as I am filling in details and materials for the rest of the semester. I love your posts – can’t tell you how helpful you have all been!

    • Hi Florence, thank YOU for reading our blog and using the resources–that is really encouraging to hear! I’m glad you like the time-line idea–Katrina, Keira and I are continually looking for ways to expand, grow and achieve goals that both we and teachers have in mind so your input is critical. Keep us tuned to how we’re doing!

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