Book Giveaway!! Estrella’s Quinceañera

Estrella's Quinceanera 2

We’re giving away 5 copies of Estrella’s Quinceañera written by Malín Alegría–our featured novel for February’s book group meeting!!  It looks like a great read. It’s appropriate for ages 12 and up. To be entered in the giveaway, just comment on any post on the blog by January 17th. Everyone who comments between December 14th and January 17th will be entered in the drawing.  It’s a great way to add to your personal teaching library! If your name is chosen, we’ll email you ASAP about mailing the book to you.

Good luck!


7 thoughts on “Book Giveaway!! Estrella’s Quinceañera

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  2. This would be a great addition to a classroom library! My partner teaches HS special ed, and is always asking me for book recommendations for his students, and I know this one would be popular. We work with very different populations of teens, and I sometimes have to dig to look for books that meet their interests. I love this blog because it puts so many books on my radar that aren’t being discussed other places! Thanks so much for sharing!

    • So glad you think it would be a great book for the classroom. I really enjoyed it. I’m working on the Educator’s Guide for the book now, and it’s been interesting to read other reviews and comments. Some of them have been quite negative, questioning whether or not a book like this is ‘real’ or ‘quality’ literature that we should be encouraging our students to read. In contrast, other teachers have reviewed the book and talked about how their students want to read the book over and over, and that it’s gained almost cult status among their students or schools. I’m hoping to address some of these ideas in my review/reflection on the book. If your partner does use the book in his classroom, you’ll have to let us know what his students think of it! Thanks for the comment!

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