WWW: 2012 Year in Review

BooksKeira, Katrina and I decided that a great way to close out our 2012 year was by reflecting on the information we have been able to provide our readers. I will be doing this in the WWW and Mira Look sections. As with every great ‘year in review’ we hope to hear your comments and suggestions on what you liked–nay, loved–and of course what you think needs improvement. We are always open to your suggestions and we truly appreciate your continued readership, dialogue and support. In addition, we want to be very clear how much we value the amazing teachers here in Albuquerque and across the U.S. and world. We understand and appreciate just how difficult your job is and how many things you have to keep in mind at all times throughout the day. We appreciate you! You are making a difference every single day and we hope to be a part of that difference by continuing to provide you with resources to teach a diverse classroom in a multicultural sensitive way.

2012 has proved a fruitful year for delving deeper into the greatness that is the internet and finding useful web sites for teaching multiculturalism in the classroom. There were a few general themes for our WWW postings centering on book finding, such as the International Children’s Library; social justice, such as the Rethinking Schools post; curriculum and film usage, such as the Ecuador post; and highlighting important events, as in the Hispanic Heritage Month Post and all the posts on Día de Los Muertos.

One of the great things about the internet, and perhaps the greatest, is the speed at which information can be shared and the breadth of people it can reach. The resources we have highlighted this year come from various parts of the US and Latin America. And while their approaches are extremely different, their goal is similar: provide a useful space for teachers, parents and librarians to quickly get information on how to improve their classrooms and ease their burden while learning new information on the changing faces of our schools and societies.

You can access all of the archives of WWW posts by simply going to this link on our blog page.

Again, thank you so much for reading our weekly world wide web posts and please feel free to give us your feedback. We wish you all a happy holiday season filled with joy, family and friends.

Hasta el próximo año,


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