For Young Latino Readers, an Image is Missing

Hello everyone!

I thought I’d chime in for a moment and share an article that my colleagues from the Américas Award just passed along to me.  If you haven’t done so yet, check out the New York Time’s recent bit on “For Young Latino Readers, an Image Is Missing”.  The author, Motoko Rich, observes that the typical stories we read nowadays in our elementary classrooms (like the Magic Tree House or the Diary of a Wimpy Kid) are devoid of familiar images for our students of color. The issue of lack of representation in classroom texts is one which our blog constantly tries to redress, but it’s refreshing to see it appear in a mainstream newspaper.

We’re always on the lookout for research or articles like this one, so let us know if you hear of anyone else doing similar studies or tackling the topic!


4 thoughts on “For Young Latino Readers, an Image is Missing

    • Thanks Hope for the suggestion and the link! We’ll have to look into Luis Maria Pescetti. He sounds like an author we might want to do a post on. Many of the teachers we work with are looking for quality resources they can use with their Spanish speaking students.

  1. Thanks, Hope, for visiting and offering this suggestion! Always good to know of new authors. Speaking of solely Spanish authors, one of our local educators just pointed us to this Santa Fe writer: Adalucía Quan ( I’m hoping to get my hands on a copy of La Chica de Mendiburo, which she described as “an introduction to Spanish and Latin American Literature disguised as a novel.”

  2. Impresionante Página. Continua este buen trabajo.Presenta un punto de vista muy bueno sobre el tema y tus comentarios son realmente acertados.

    Simplemente mencionar que estoy sorprendido por haber tropezado con esta web
    Seguramente tienes el mejor sitio online sobre el tema.
    Gracias 🙂

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