WWW: INFOdocket

Today’s WWW highlights a compilation site where you can find information you need on the library world from around the world. INFOdocket, “offers information industry news, useful websites, search tips and tools…and occasional commentary.” What’s better? It’s free.

INFOdocket is run by Gary Price, a familiar name in the industry as he is a librarian, writer and consultant who worked at both ResourceShelf and DocuTicker. Librarians and teachers can search the web site for useful articles on a specific topic, or skim the headline posts which are updated daily, even on the weekends. Gary will often times sum up the posts that link to longer articles or studies so you very busy teachers and librarians can skim before spending your time looking for a lot of information that may or may not pertain to you. Also, the site is broken down into categories so you can more efficiently target what you need. Like my post last week, I’ll highlight a few posts from INFOdocket here to give you an idea of what the site can offer:

While the world of library news and politics may not be of interest to all our Vamos a Leer blog readers, I imagine it will be of use to some of you, or for you to share with your school librarian. It seems best used as a site where you take 2 minutes to skim the daily headlines and then if anything pertains to you, delve deeper. INFOdocket does a good job of giving a quick snapshot of what the library industry is up to both in the US and abroad, which absolutely has a direct effect on what our school kids and community at large have access to read.

Happy Library Reading (hopefully in the library image featured above)


*Bonus: Check out what this web site ranked as the 10 Most Impressive Libraries in the World. … I literally had chills imaging myself in these.

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