I had to share this most recent post from Rethinking Schools with our readers. It includes a wonderful letter from Tucson teacher Curtis Acosta, along with various other links to information on what is happening in Tucson. At Vamos a Leer, part of our purpose is to teach literacy through content knowledge about Latin America. The struggle for Mexican American Studies is very important to us–many books and resources we highlight have been taken out of schools in Tucson. Our hope is that we will see them back in classrooms soon.

Rethinking Schools

Many of you are familiar with the work of Tucson teacher Curtis Acosta. Acosta is the warm and eloquent—and photogenic!—language arts teacher featured in the film, Precious Knowledge, about Tucson’s now-outlawed Mexican American Studies program. The program is still suppressed, but the work goes on, as Acosta describes in this letter, recently posted to the Education for Liberation email list. Rethinking Schools continues to support this fine program and we urge you to show your solidarity in whatever way you can.

And, speaking of which, if you live near Seattle or plan to attend the upcoming National Council for the Social Studies conference, please join us for the presentation of our Zinn Education Project’s Myles Horton Award for Teaching a People’s History to Sean Arce, a key architect of Tucson’s Mexican American Studies program. Arce will be speaking and showing Precious Knowledge. Details here

– Bill Bigelow

Curtis Acosta


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  1. The Red Umbrella sounds compelling and raw. Parents always have their children’s best interest at hand no matter how gut wrenching it may be.

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