WWW: SLJ’s Technology Spot

Happy Friday teachers and fellow blog readers. Today’s WWW post highlights another great resource from that pillar of teacher-librarian excellence: the School Library Journal (SLJ). The Technology section of SLJ encompasses everything from multimedia classrooms and learning experiences, to bridging the technological gap, to tweeting and everything in between. Geared specifically to teachers and librarians, SLJ’s Technology pages offer a myriad of articles you may find useful to either incorporate into your classroom, into your daily teacher routing, or that may help you simplify an activity in which you already engage. There are scores of resources in the Technology pages, but I’ve highlighted a few I’ve found particularly interesting here.

In general, I think it’s safe to say that we at Vamos a Leer truly appreciate the great work done by the various branches of the SLJ. They compile great articles and informational sources about libraries and teaching in order to create dialogue and problem solving interactions. I highly suggest checking out fully what they have to offer: www.slj.com

Wondering if I should start a Vamos a Twitter,


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