World Wide Web: Smithsonian Latino Center

Hello, everyone!

This week our WWW post continues the theme of Día de lo Muertos.  For those who are not yet tired of this vibrant holiday and are still diving into the spirit of learning, teaching, and practicing its traditions, I bring you the Smithsonian Latino Center (SLC).  The SLC works to ensure “that Latino contributions to the arts, sciences, and humanities are highlighted, understood, and advanced through the development and support of public programs, research, museum collections, and educational opportunities at the Smithsonian Institution.”  Among the wide breadth of Latino educational resources, the SLC also has an entire website dedicated to Día de los Muertos.  The website highlights the fourth year of their annual Día de los Muertos festival activities as well as supporting resources, including:

  • Articles (scroll to the bottom of the main page).
  • 3D Dancing Calavera — an interactive section for kids that allows them to be immersed in dance, music, and traditions of the holiday.
  • Virtual Museum exhibition — live and recorded streams of workshops with mural artists and musical performers and other museum events around the holiday
  •  Theater of the Dead — an interactive section for both kids and educators that provides background content, fact sheets, and lesson plans.

I hope you get a moment to step back from constructing calacas and shaping cempasuchitl petals to explore this fun, engaging site.


2 thoughts on “World Wide Web: Smithsonian Latino Center

  1. This is a great resource! The students love the 3D Dancing Calavera and the Virtual Museum exhibition! Each learner at our school has access to the sites on their computers! The students are excited and preparing our ofrenda for next week! Thanks for your continued support!

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