WWW: Día de los Muertos Parte Tres

Hola blog readers,

Today’s WWW post will be short, sweet and of course, useful! Here at the Latin American and Iberian Institute, we have had one amazing week of events in which our school and broader community came out and really showed their support and social awareness. That is a beautiful and inspiring thing. It does however, leave me suddenly wondering how it’s Friday already!

As promised, I found a gem of a book on Día de Los Muertos: Posada’s Popular Mexican Prints (compiled and edited by Roberto Berdecio and Stanley Appelbaum) is full of almost 300 images of our iconic calaveras illustrator. The book includes a brief biography, some really interesting newspaper clippings from Posada’s time (late 1800s-early 1900s Revolutionary Mexico = incredible newspaper stories) and of course photographs of his engravings. What is great about using this book for teaching is that there is a brief description of what each engraving is depicting. Posada was a social activist; his calaveras were commentary on the excess of the rich, the Revolution, the government, and more. These engravings could be used in conjunction with a lesson on Mexican history and/or art history, social justice, forms of resistance, etc. Posada is credited with saving and renewing engraving art in Mexico. His calaveras give us an invaluable glimpse into Mexican culture at this time.

As we get closer to Día de los Muertos, we have to remember that in addition to venerating and honoring the dead, it is also a time in which we can learn an incredible amount about a culture so deeply important and intertwined with our own. I encourage you to look to your local communities for events, talks, etc. on Día de los Muertos. Local public broadcasting radio stations, university web sites, cultural centers, and alternative newspapers/magazines are great resources. And, as always, if you have a suggestion of a book or activity for the classroom, please feel free to share.

Thank you for reading and since next week is less hectic you wonderful readers will have the full attention you so rightly deserve.

Your calavera catrina,


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