World Wide Web: SLJ’s Libro por Libro (Book by Book)

from post today highlights another great blog sponsored by one of our favorite resources, the School Library Journal. Libro por Libro (Book by Book) is a new column broaching similar topics as our blog: Spanish and bi-lingual education for young readers.

“[T]he focus of this column will be building core collections and using those books to create connections with readers. The books reviewed in this column are all recommended for school or public library collections that serve bilingual and Spanish-speaking readers [as they] provide young Spanish-speaking readers with something more intangible, yet vitally important: a sense of their cultural heritage.”(Libro por Libro blog). This mission statement is crucial to the concept of Libro por Libro: author Tim Wadham’s hope is that this blog will be a practical resource for teachers and librarians who know what topics their kids would like to explore and need some help sifting through the existing literature.

In each post, writer Tim Wadham will introduce new themes and topics while offering new and old titles teachers and librarians can use to support the classroom discussion. Tim’s hope is that, “In these books, they [students] will see themselves, they will hear the music of the Spanish language, and they will explore the many varieties of the Latino cultural experience.”

I suggest “Bookmarking” Libro por Libro and checking it frequently for great resources to add to your classroom/library.

Creating Connections,


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